More About Me
A city kid from Brooklyn, New York, Cliff grew up around many people who owned apartment buildings, with his grandmother being one of them. That would be his introduction to Real Estate. Over time Cliff pursued different forms of Real Estate, like house flipping. Although his efforts were futile, getting into some form of Real Estate was a goal in Cliff's life. After graduating with his Masters in Business Administration from American International College (AIC) in Springfield MA, Cliff has enjoyed a successful business career in sales with companies like Enterprise, AAMCO, and Xerox. Although money and status was a huge motivator, his favorite part about sales has been Customer Service. Cliff believes that providing a positive, and unforgettable experience for a customer is something that they will talk about and remember, that is the true definition of Customer Service. Cliff's family buying their 1st home and seeing the impact and new level of happiness his family experienced helped Cliff understand what kind of power, price, independence, and happiness comes with being able to buy a new home or sell your current home. Excited to have the jump to a full time Real Estate agent, Cliff's motivator for helping people sell and buy homes is helping people obtain that feeling that he has experienced with his family as 1st time home buyers.

When Cliff isn't out delivering A+ customer service for Buyers and Sellers in the Real Estate world, he enjoys training and competing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with is his Team Link Family out of Northampton, MA.